Fabric organization

While small on many scales, I now have the most amount of fabrics I’ve ever owned in my life.  So I decided it was time to organize it.  Especially since the folding it up and tossing it in a Rubbermaid wasn’t really cutting it for my organizational needs.

Surprisingly, I came up with an idea.  By myself.  No help from Dr. Pinterest, Mrs. Stewart, or anything!  Well… I’m sure *someone* has done this before, but not that I’m currently aware of.  I started out with a small Rubbermaid tub, I didn’t take a picture of it because well, it was just an empty Rubbermaid tub.

Since I try to be green (and I’m on a budget) I took a few old boxes and cut out rectangles to use as “spools” to wrap the fabric around.  I had to woodshed a little to get them to fit properly in the tub.  I think I got about 15 out of 2 small-ish boxes.  Of course, if you have a larger tub/shelves to fill then your spools might be larger.  Therefore, you won’t get as many out of each box.

Then I folded each fabric much like I would a bath towel, into 3 even folds.  Place the “spool” at one end and wrap.  File into container of your choice.  I barely fit all my fabrics into the tub, and honestly I don’t have that many.  I suppose a person could get a deeper clear container and layer them… maybe when I need to upgrade.  🙂  Happy Organizing!


Pillowcase dress #2

Since the first pillowcase dress turned out pretty well, I thought I would give it another shot.  I pretty much did everything the same, but cut the arm holes a little larger since that was an issue with my first dress.  Also, this dress was going to be a gift for my niece who is a little chubbier than my daughter.  I LOVE this fabric!

This dress was SOOO much easier.  I also, had my new sewing machine to help me along.  The first dress took me 4 hours to do, this one took only an hour and a half!  Cut my time in half!

New set up

After I sewed my first two projects (pillowcase and pillowcase dress #1), my mom decided to let me borrow her sewing machine.  She doesn’t use it very much and it was obvious that I was into this whole sewing thing.  Since my tiny little space was even more cramped sitting between my night stand and my workout gear, I decided to move some stuff around.  I moved the workout gear over to the other side of the room (where it’s also more hidden- win/win!) and flipped my sewing table to the more open wall space.  So now, I have (more of) my own space.

I also bought a drawer organizer ($5.99 from TJMaxx) for the top drawer of my table.  It fit perfectly and holds all of the little things.

Annnd, do you see those little spools all the way in the back.  Those… over there.  Yeah, those are my grandmother’s antique wooden spools!  They don’t make them like that any more.  They’re also the same one that are in the picture I used for my blog.  I left the thread on them as well.  I have no idea if it is actually antique thread, but I didn’t have the heart to take it off.

Closet RE-organization

So my closet looked something like this…

Not horrible, but I was never really happy with it.  Mostly with the basket area up top.

Now, it looks like this!

Much better for me.  Obviously there’s not a huge change, and actually, the only thing I changed (other than sorting through the clothes) is adding in canvas baskets.  Which I found at Garden Ridge for about $5-7 a piece.  Since I already had the brown baskets this whole closet reorganization cost me a whopping, $38.  The medium baskets cost $6.99 (x4) and the little ones (not pictured) cost $4.99 (x2).  Garden Ridge has a fabulous selection of baskets!  I usually buy mine at TJMaxx/Marshalls, but it can be hit or miss.  GR has a consistent selection to choose from.

Next will be purchasing those slim fitting hangers, but man, they’re expensive.  And I have A LOT of hangers to replace.  Then I think, what do I do with my current ones… seems a little wasteful.

Pillowcase dress

After finishing my first project I was quick to decide on my second.  Well, in reality I wanted the Pillowcase Dress to be my first project, but decided against it.  Either way, I got to finish my dress and I was pretty proud of it.  It took 4 (!) hours, but they were enjoyable and definitely a learning process.  I had many broken threads and an issue with the sleeves, but alas it was done.

When looking for an online tutorial to follow I came across a few that I liked.  Originally, since I had much success with TheCraftyGemini’s video in project 1 I thought I would go with her again.  Unfortunately for me, she was charging for her pattern, but I still found her tutorial helpful, so I tabbed it and went looking for a pattern.  I located this tutorial on the Babyrabies blog and went with it for most of the project*.  I skipped the bias tape and did a seam around the arm holes.  I think that decision was one thing that slowed me down.  I might attempt the bias tape another time, but it is also an added cost.  Albeit not super expensive, but when I have to decide between more cost and more time I actually go with more time.  Plus it gives me more experience with sewing seams in tight places.  🙂

*side note- I did add in a french seam to join the patterned fabric with the solid fabric.  I used this tutorial on YouTube.  Very good tut!


The main reason I wanted to learn to sew was for my daughter.  Everything I found on Etsy I wanted to buy.  I knew that if I just had a sewing machine and few good tutorials I could make all those cute things I wanted.  Problem was, I had to start somewhere.  So, after an hour of threading a bobbin, threading a needle, and sewing a few seams I was ready to take on my first project.

A pillowcase.

I chose a fairly thick fabric and was worried about my little sewing machine keeping up.  It did alright until I got to the few spots where I was basically sewing through 6 layers of fabric.  I followed the instructions on this youtube video, changing the specifications for my pillow.  I was working with a rectangular pillow, instead of a square.  She has some great videos for beginners, very descriptive precise and helpful.

Finished product…

The (first) set up

I’ve been wanting to buy a sewing machine for a long time, but as a person with many hobbies, my extra spending money is often split many ways.  It just wasn’t important enough at the time.  Then, my mom found a very simple, 2 stitch sewing machine at a garage sale.  She gave the sewing machine to me for Mother’s Day along with some of my *grandmother’s old threads and some scrap fabric.

It took me a month to break that baby out of the box and get it set up.  In hopes of it bringing me luck, I even set it up on my grandmother’s teensy tiny sewing table.  Oh, and don’t mind the mess next to it, we have small spaces to work with here.

Defintely nothing to write home a blog about, but hey, we all gotta start somewhere.

*My maternal grandmother was an *amazing* seamstress.  She taught herself when she was a child and continued until she could no longer sew any more.  I’m hoping that, even though she didn’t live long enough to teach me, that I might have received some her talent.

Hello world!

Well… here goes nothin’!  As I was sitting at home sewing (and organizing my sewing things) I thought “hm!  Maybe I can start a blog about those two things.”  I am by no means a writer, nor a great seamstress, NOR a professional organizer.  I just enjoy sharing my work (if you can call it that) and maybe, just maybe, inspire someone else.  MAYBE.