Pillowcase dress

After finishing my first project I was quick to decide on my second.  Well, in reality I wanted the Pillowcase Dress to be my first project, but decided against it.  Either way, I got to finish my dress and I was pretty proud of it.  It took 4 (!) hours, but they were enjoyable and definitely a learning process.  I had many broken threads and an issue with the sleeves, but alas it was done.

When looking for an online tutorial to follow I came across a few that I liked.  Originally, since I had much success with TheCraftyGemini’s video in project 1 I thought I would go with her again.  Unfortunately for me, she was charging for her pattern, but I still found her tutorial helpful, so I tabbed it and went looking for a pattern.  I located this tutorial on the Babyrabies blog and went with it for most of the project*.  I skipped the bias tape and did a seam around the arm holes.  I think that decision was one thing that slowed me down.  I might attempt the bias tape another time, but it is also an added cost.  Albeit not super expensive, but when I have to decide between more cost and more time I actually go with more time.  Plus it gives me more experience with sewing seams in tight places.  🙂

*side note- I did add in a french seam to join the patterned fabric with the solid fabric.  I used this tutorial on YouTube.  Very good tut!


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