Fabric organization

While small on many scales, I now have the most amount of fabrics I’ve ever owned in my life.  So I decided it was time to organize it.  Especially since the folding it up and tossing it in a Rubbermaid wasn’t really cutting it for my organizational needs.

Surprisingly, I came up with an idea.  By myself.  No help from Dr. Pinterest, Mrs. Stewart, or anything!  Well… I’m sure *someone* has done this before, but not that I’m currently aware of.  I started out with a small Rubbermaid tub, I didn’t take a picture of it because well, it was just an empty Rubbermaid tub.

Since I try to be green (and I’m on a budget) I took a few old boxes and cut out rectangles to use as “spools” to wrap the fabric around.  I had to woodshed a little to get them to fit properly in the tub.  I think I got about 15 out of 2 small-ish boxes.  Of course, if you have a larger tub/shelves to fill then your spools might be larger.  Therefore, you won’t get as many out of each box.

Then I folded each fabric much like I would a bath towel, into 3 even folds.  Place the “spool” at one end and wrap.  File into container of your choice.  I barely fit all my fabrics into the tub, and honestly I don’t have that many.  I suppose a person could get a deeper clear container and layer them… maybe when I need to upgrade.  🙂  Happy Organizing!


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