Nesting Baskets

My second project was rather ambitious, I have to admit.  And, it actually took me the course of a week to complete.  Not because it was that hard, per say, there were just a lot of steps missteps.  Well, there were a lot of steps too.
I was so eager to get started on projects that weren’t just for myself and my daughter (I know, I’m so generous).  Insert, Pinterest.  I’ve pinned projects since before I even owned a sewing machine and I decided that I was going to make these nesting baskets that I pinned a while back.  There was even a free pattern! While it wasn’t overwhelmingly hard,  I really don’t think this was a beginner’s project.  Maybe more of an advanced beginner’s project- is there such a thing?

While attempting this project I ran into a few problems.  One, the tutorial was a little misleading, and I completely take blame for that.  I tried to read and re read it to get a good feel for it, but it just didn’t make sense until I was doing it.  So, if you are using my blog as any kind of inspiration let me give a few pointers I learned.  First, if you plan to use one fabric for the outer and inner lining you’ll need about a 1.5 yards for the largest basket alone.  The middle probably used about .75 yards, and the smallest one about the same as the middle.  I was confused by this on the tutorial because she used two fabrics for each basket instead of one.  Secondly, she states how many of each piece you need for which basket.  You will need an extra circle out of your “cotton” fabric, i.e two strips and two circles from your cotton and one strip and one circle from your batting.  I can’t tell if this was just me reading her instructions wrong or what.  Third, and last (I think), for love of all things decent, use the proper measuring tools.  Good grief.  I could have saved myself a lot of trouble.  I royally messed up the first and largest basket because I didn’t measure properly.  It turned out about 1-2 inches shorter than the other two because of my miss-measure.
I do have to say that I as I went it got easier, and better-looking.  Hence why the smallest one is closest to the lens in the second picture.

I hope that they are at least useable and presentable.  My poor BFF… she will be subject to a lot of mediocre “gifts” in the coming months.


3 thoughts on “Nesting Baskets

  1. Mediocre?! Whatever! I love them and can’t see what else you’re going to make. Thanks again! I’ll send some photos when they are being used in action. 🙂

  2. these don’t look mediocre AT ALL. they look like something i’d buy from target, and probably spend a lot more on. you just let me know if you are feeling inspired to make more for someone with a birthday on december 19 who is willing to pick up. 😉 also, in response to your comment about the move to fort worth, i haven’t said anything on fb and have only hinted in actual blog posts. it wasn’t official until a couple weeks ago. 🙂

    • If you want to purchase fabric I’d be more than happy to make you (or Leila) anything you want. Of course you have to know that it might not be as good as it looks on the web. But I need the practice and if someone else is going to “pay for it” (i.e buy the fabric), I’m all for it! 😀

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