Work re-organization

I’ve been unhappy with my work space for a while now.  It’s functional, but it pretty much stops there.  The bookshelf next to my desk does not satisfy my organizational desires (the left bookshelf is my co-worker’s).  When I bought the canvas baskets for my closet re-organization, I bought a few for work.  I also tossed a few magazine holders into the basket.  They were a little price-y ($9.99 a piece), but well worth it in the end!

Here’s the before:

Here’s the after:

I realize that this is not something that is out of a magazine.  But let’s face it.  Those beautifully organized places you see on pinterest and Real Simple, they’re not real life.  Well, they’re not MY real life.  I’ve got way more stuff that I NEED easy access to almost daily.  So, I tried to set up this bookshelf in the most functional manner.  Putting my the most necessary items at the easiest reach from my desk.  Total bookshelf re-org. cost (not including previously owned items): $41- 4 small canvas baskets, $4.99 each, 3 magazine holders, $9.99 each, 1 package decorative labels, $4.99, 1 large decorative “E”, $6.99.

I also bought a drawer organizer from TJMaxx ($7.99), very similar but larger in size, to the one I used here in my sewing table.




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