Drawstring Bag

So I actually made this back in July, but I couldn’t post because I made to hold my best friend’s birthday present.  I have to give myself away and say that I was stalking her etsy “favorites” for ideas on what to get her when I ran across this adorable drawstring bag.  (That lady’s got some seriously adorable stuff)  I knew instantly that I wanted it for BFF.

I already had the materials on hand so next on the list was to find a (free) pattern (sorry BFF, this momma’s on a budget).  I found quite a few tuts, but only one that I thought would work for the project.  I really only used it as a guide as I was doing a liner on the inside, as per the inspiration, and I cut out two pieces for the front and back instead of one long piece.  I traced a pattern for the birds myself- pretty easy since it was the exact same figure as my daughter’s first birthday theme.  Then I used embroidery thread to stitch around the bird and to attach the pearl eyes.  This was actually the main reason I did the liner, I wanted to protect the “wrong” side of the embroidery.  I was afraid if I left it raw that the thread would break and cause the birds to fall off.

I have to admit that it didn’t really turn out nearly as nice as the inspiration, but as my 5th sewing project it was pretty good and only took me about a hour.  I’m pretty sure that I need to have a different plan of attack for the lining if I plan to do it again.  I *think* I could use the technique that I used for the nesting baskets, but I have to figure out a way to transfer that knowledge.  I’m not “versed” enough yet to transfer the idea to a different project.


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