The pouf!

I found the tutorial for the pouf on pinterest.  Basically, it’s a soft, carry-able ottoman. It was pretty easy, with the exception of figuring out how to cut a circle.  I actually had a compass, but it was about 1″ too small to make the correct diameter.  And since I was not interested in trying to resize ALL the measurement, I ended up rigging up a contraption.  I tied a string to the end of a pencil in the length of the diameter of the circle I needed.  Then traced a circle with the pencil while holding the string on the center point.  Oh, the pipping was kind of a pain.  Not that it was hard, just a pain.  It definitely finishes it off, but I tend to have a hard time keeping my stitches straight, especially when sewing a circle.

The little one liked it at first, but now she’s not too interested.  I’m guessing that when she gets a little older and more balanced she’ll enjoy it more.  Excuse the bed head.  🙂


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