Sleep Sack

My BFF has an 11 month old son and asked me awhile back to make him a sleep sack (a.k.a wearable blanket).  If you’re not familiar with what a sleep sack is, check out this link.

For the sleep sack I used this tutorial.  I had found quite a few tutorials, but I kept going back to that one.  I have to admit that I was nervous about trying to make the sleep sack because until this project, I had never sewn a zipper.  I actually put it off way longer than I meant to because I was so worried about it.  It turned out to be much easier than I thought.  I just used the zipper tutorial found in the original sleep sack tut.

With her approval, I’m posting some pictures of Baby L wearing the sleep sack I made.




One thought on “Sleep Sack

  1. This blanket has really helped little man sleep – which is nothing short of a miracle! It’s so soft and just the right size. Thank you so much for making it for him!

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