Easy closet downsize

The hubs and I went through our clothes and gave away everything that either didn’t fit or wasn’t our style any more.  He gave away 1.5 giant trash bag’s worth of clothes plus 5 pairs of shoes.  I gave the other .5 and also 5 pairs of shoes.  In my defense, I had done a purge maybe 6 months ago… I’m not sure he had done one in the 5.5 years we’ve been in this house.

After going through our clothes I put all my clothes on space saving thin hangers (hubs got to keep his regular plastic hangers).  In the end, I think I bought about 200 hangers and had maybe 15 left over.  I chose the Real Simple ones from Bed Bath & Beyond and purchased them over a few months so I could use the 20% coupons.  The hubs thought it was crazy to buy special hangers, but I really do think it saved me space.  There is actually enough room to move the clothes around and *look* at them before choosing it to wear.  I also really like that the velvet coating helps the clothes stay on the hanger.

photo 1


Bathroom organization

Every year around the holidays I get the urge to organize and purge.  Probably because I know we’re getting ready to have an influx of new stuff, but it’s also a period when I actually have *time* to do it.  I decided to re-organize and purge my bathroom cabinet and drawers.

I started by basically pulling everything out and purging first.  I think I threw away about 2 small grocery bags of stuff.  Old make up that I won’t ever use, expired make up, lotions that had started to smell funny, etc.  Then I started to replace everything and find a nice orderly way to organize it.  I also wanted to try to take some things off of my counter top (not pictured) and move it into the cabinet.  While I still have a lot of stuff (and no before picture) it is more organized.


photo 3

1.  Big changes here were put my hair dryer on a hook (right side)

2.  Put brushes into a container- they were taking an entire drawer before

3.  Purge old make up and hair products.

4.  Organize- yes, you do see 3 bottles of mouthwash and 2 bottles of toothpaste.  I bought some with a groupon and then got some for Christmas.  It’s an awesome line called Therabreath, seriously helps with morning breath!


My two drawers.

.Bathroom drawers

1.  Move make up to highest (and smallest drawer)- this drawer was used to hold my hair brushes, which rarely get used.  I moved my everyday make up and face products to this drawer.

2.  Move my basket of hair accessories and other misc. items to bottom drawer and purge.  This drawer was my most messy.  It was filled with daily use items that were never organized.  I moved my hair accessories here to open up the space in the cabinet for the brushes.  In the back of the drawer are my daily items and oft used hair products.