Easy closet downsize

The hubs and I went through our clothes and gave away everything that either didn’t fit or wasn’t our style any more.  He gave away 1.5 giant trash bag’s worth of clothes plus 5 pairs of shoes.  I gave the other .5 and also 5 pairs of shoes.  In my defense, I had done a purge maybe 6 months ago… I’m not sure he had done one in the 5.5 years we’ve been in this house.

After going through our clothes I put all my clothes on space saving thin hangers (hubs got to keep his regular plastic hangers).  In the end, I think I bought about 200 hangers and had maybe 15 left over.  I chose the Real Simple ones from Bed Bath & Beyond and purchased them over a few months so I could use the 20% coupons.  The hubs thought it was crazy to buy special hangers, but I really do think it saved me space.  There is actually enough room to move the clothes around and *look* at them before choosing it to wear.  I also really like that the velvet coating helps the clothes stay on the hanger.

photo 1


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