Lachlan’s Quiet Book

As promised here is the full gallery of Lachlan’s Quiet Book.  One year in the making.  I had so many ideas for activities that it was hard to choose just one.  You can find tons of ideas on pinterest or even a google image search for “quiet book activities”. Since this was my first time, I wanted something a little more simple.

Some things I learned.  High quality, dense felt is a *must* for the activities.. the $1 stuff at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s won’t cut it (no pun intended).  If using printable fabric, print on paper first to check size/layout.  Invest in a high quality precision scissor.  Large fabric scissor just don’t work well for those small intricate cuts on felt.  Think about how you plan to bind it *before* starting.  This was my last thought after everything was put together and the grommets really were not my favorite option.  But I was running out of time and energy and didn’t want to try something that didn’t work and subsequently ruin all the hard work I did.

For the picture pages I used a regular color printer on printable fabric.  This was one of the most time-consuming pieces.  Most of it was because I laid out the entire book in Powerpoint, then had to transfer the pictures to word to print them on to the fabric.  When I did that I had to resize them to be big enough to make an impact.  Then I printed on to regular paper, resized if necessary, THEN printed on to the fabric.  Not to mention that I had troubles with my ink cartridges a *few* times.  Ugh.  All said and done it turned out well and now I know the best way to do it.

Grocery Bag activity my husband and I thought up.  We thought it was funny because BFF and I grew up in Texas but she now lives in Colorado… if you know anything about Texas we have an (awesome) grocery store called HEB.  She’s said to me on many occasion that HEB is one of the things she misses the most.  We were short one activity and decided to make the grocery bag so that Little Man can put his groceries in and out of the bag.

Dump Truck Wheel activity.  I got this idea from All The Quiet Things blog.  She also posted patterns (at the bottom of the post) which I used for this activity as well as the Tools activity.

Tools activity.  Again, the idea cam from All The Quiet Things.  Only difference was that after I cut the first set of tools, I decided that they were not going to be strong enough for a 2-year-old.  So, I cut a backing sewed it on, stuffed the ones I could (saw, hammer, and screw driver) then finished up the seam.  I like the 3D effect much better than the 2D flat type.  It’s also much more sturdy and “usable”.

Christmas Tree/Gift activity.  I made this one up as well.  Even though he’s a bit young for tying, I figured it was still a good activity for him some day.  I also didn’t have too many pictures to fill up the space so I had to improvise.  I wanted to do a Christmas tree with place-able ornaments, but I was worried about them getting lost or ripped.

Barn activity.  This activity idea and pattern came from Homemade By Jill.  With all the white ribbon and extra sewing, this activity definitely took the longest to sew.  The puppets were a little difficult for me as well because of their size and trying to find a good way to attach them that would last through a toddler.  I eventually went with velcro instead of a pocket, although looking back a pocket might have been a better option.  I also added a button with ribbon closure so he could open and close the door completely.




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