Baby Shower Gift

We are throwing a shower for a friend of ours in August.  This will be their second boy.  I have really been wanting to try my hand at doing some handmade shower gifts but I haven’t had too many pregnant friends lately.  I was excited to give the burp cloths and blanket a go.  I’d also like to make some bowtie onesies, but I’m not sure if I’ll get around to it.

The blanket was easy.  I found some adorable grey, white and teal minky fabric with a whale pattern.  I looked up online a typical measurement (36″ x 52″) and went with that.  The fabric was only 36″ on one side so it ended up slightly smaller after hem allowance.  I also lost a little more length on that side due to movement in the fabric as I sewed.  Just as the last minky blanket, it was slinky and slippery and moved around as I sewed.    This one was a little worse though, because *both* fabrics were minky.  So, I pinned to crap out of it and sewed one edge at a time, rather than doing one stitch all the way around like I wanted.  I sewed the two shorter opposite ends first.  Hoping that would help the longer ends stay in place.  I think it did help some, but the blanket did not end up completely symmetrical.  I’m not too concerned though, it’s cute and soft, and handmade.  🙂

Sewing-7 Sewing-4

I also made 5 flannel burp cloths.  Super easy.  Measured the fabric based on the center strip of the cloth diaper (purchased at Wal-Mart).  Gave myself about 1 inch total for seam allowance for each the length and width (about .5″ per side).  Fold seam allowance to match measurement, pressed, pinned, then sewed.  I did not want two stitch marks on each side, so I did not make a seam first.  I sewed the fabric to the diaper and made the seam at the same time.



All fabric was purchased at Jo-Ann’s.


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