Minky baby blanket

So, when the BFF asked me to make baby L a sleeping blanket she was gracious enough to send me some fabric.  She purchased a brown minky fabric and a white and brown cotton pattern.  While it was cute and soft, it was going to take me a few extra steps if I wanted to use it for the sleep sack.  So I asked her if I could use it for something else instead, and she asked for a blanket.

SWEET!  Something easy!

I found a few tutorials (here, here, and here) but decided to go with this one in the end.  I did change it a bit as I wanted a rounded edge instead of straight.  I’ve realized that I like to read a few different tutorials on every project that I take on.  I think it helps me solve problems that might arise.  It also seems that I can take a little of one tutorial and mix it with another to make it easier on myself.  Oh, I also have to mention that the tut I went with recommended “cutting” the cotton fabric by ripping it.  When I read that I thought “bah! heck no I’m no ripping it!”  It *totally* worked though, and much quicker and straighter than cutting it.  I’ll definitely be using that technique for now on.

Here’s the finished product…


I did notice the minky fabric is a little more difficult than the cotton.  It’s stretchy and moved around a lot even though I pinned the crap out of it.  By the end there was a bit of extra that I had to cut off around the edge.  Other than that, took me 30 minutes to finish it up once the fabric was cut.


Sleep Sack

My BFF has an 11 month old son and asked me awhile back to make him a sleep sack (a.k.a wearable blanket).  If you’re not familiar with what a sleep sack is, check out this link.

For the sleep sack I used this tutorial.  I had found quite a few tutorials, but I kept going back to that one.  I have to admit that I was nervous about trying to make the sleep sack because until this project, I had never sewn a zipper.  I actually put it off way longer than I meant to because I was so worried about it.  It turned out to be much easier than I thought.  I just used the zipper tutorial found in the original sleep sack tut.

With her approval, I’m posting some pictures of Baby L wearing the sleep sack I made.